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Employment and Consumer Law Attorneys

Serving All of East Texas

Wage Theft

We work to recover all wages due to our clients pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act:

  • Failure to Pay Overtime
  • Working Off the Clock
  • Misclassification of Non exempt Employees
  • Fair Pay                          
  • Arbitration
  • Retaliation for Wage Complaints
  • Non payment of Wages and Commissions
  • Child Labor Law
  • Non Payment of Travel Time

Workplace Discrimination

In the work place, we will fight against:

    - Sex (including pregnancy)

    - Age (40 or older)

    - ADA (handicap or disability)

    - Race

    - Color

    - Religion   

Sexual harassment:

   -  Hostile Work Environment

    - Inappropriate Comments

     - Disparate Job Requirements

     - Inappropriate Contact 

Workplace Retaliation

   -  Wrongful Termination

    - Demotion

    - Lay-off

   -  Selective Reduction-in-Force

    - Terms & Conditions of Employment

Consumer Law

We work to protect consumers from bad acting and fraudulent people and businesses.

  • Consumer Protection & Products' Liability 
  • DTPA (Deceptive Trade Practice Act)
  • Lemon Law
  • Breech of Warranty
  • Contract Fraud & Breech of Contract
  • Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith Insurance
  • Arbitration
  • Fraudulent Oil & Gas Deeds and Leases
  • Title Disputes